Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rolling Stones: Still making money after 50 years

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BBC World Service
November 28, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Programming Note

A busy workload and being a new father have taken a rather obvious toll on posting here in the past few months. There's so much more work to put up, and so much else I'd rather do away from work, that it's becoming increasingly tough to justify spending time on what amounts to a vanity data-entry project.

Please know that yes, I am still writing, and most of my new work can be found either linked in the right-hand column of my similarly stalled Des Noise blog or else, to subscribers, over at Agenda, a Financial Times service. Or follow my daily SPIN blog posts here. (If you're into Twitter, my music writing can usually be found there, too.)

I hope to revive this archive at some indeterminate date, if only because the last time I failed to copy and paste my work, back when I was writing for Pitchfork's old Forkcast blog, the content mostly vanished from the Web following a site redesign. "Self-curate or disappear," right? But I wouldn't hold my breath. Actually, I think I might go get some fresh air...

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